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Results from Seize the Moment

3/29/22, 12:29 AM


Day After Hero Image.png

Bojack and Jay Malachi are announced as the new opponents for Colby Corino after it was announced that Gustavo was injured and couldn't compete.

Corino def. Bojack and Jay Malachi.

Referee: Mike Ramsey

Cyrus pinned Whte Mike

Referee: Senior Official James Hunter

George South beat Arik Royal

Referee: Ben Grayson

After the match, Colby Corino came out. Corino, who hasn't been in an AML Wrestling ring since South beat him in a Death Match last November, apologized to South for turning his back on him and offered a hug. South was in tears and hugged Corino. John Skyler came out and attacked South from behind. After the beatdown, Corino said he and Skyler were the REAL Extreme Horsemen.

Zuka King is disqualified with a low blow. T.I.M. retained the Prestige Title.

Referee: Mike Ramsey

Caprice Coleman pinned Jason Kincaid to retain the AML Wrestling Championship.

Referee: Ben Grayson

Commentator: Brad Stutts

The Lineage defeats The Dawson Brothers in a brutal Texas Death Match to become the new AML Wrestling World Tag Team Champions.

Referee: Senior Official James Hunter

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