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Results from Live to Win

5/31/22, 9:29 PM


Day After Hero Image.png

Officials: James Hunter, Ben Grayson, Mike Ramsey and Daylon Kingsley.

Doors, Ladders & Chairs Match for the Vacant Prestige Chamionship

Gustavo def. Andrew Everett, Zuka King, Arik Royal, Axton Ray, White Mike, and Dave Dawson to become the NEW Prestige Champion

John Skyler def. George South

IMPACT Wrestling World Championship Match

Josh Alexander def. Mik Drake to retain the IMPACT World Championship

Zane Dawson def. T.I.M.

AML Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Match

The Extreme Horsemen (w/ Brittany Marie) def. The OGK (w/ Maria Kanellis) to retain the AML Wrestling World Tag Team Titles.

AML Wrestling World Championship Match

Brad Attitude def. Heath to retain the AML Wrestling World Championship.

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