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Results from Initiative: Future Stars of AML Wrestling vs Projects of CYN

8/2/22, 8:06 PM


Day After Hero Image.png

J.A.C def Flex

Bobby DDT def Duke O'Connor

The Circus (Maurice The Strong, Amos The Prophet, Kronos The Abomination w./Barnabas) def Damon Bryce, JJ Serna and David Parrish

Movie Myk and James Ryan def Ryzin and Man Bun Jesus

Fodder def Lodi

J.R. Miller def AJZ and EC3

Gemstone, GMoniy, Putter, Space Cowboy, Brayden Marshall def Baby Lotion, Mason Matthews, Zuka King, Callis Vane, Logan Quindell

Dontae Smiley def Diego Hill

Prince KayKay and Power Punch Pacifico def AJ Cazana and Silas Mason

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