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Results from Fortune Favors the Bold

4/25/22, 6:31 PM


Day After Hero Image.png

Gustavo beat both White Mike and Zuka King in a Triple Threat Match

The Dawson Brothers defeated the new team of TDT/Bojack

George South pinned Andrew Everett

Axton Ray beat Colby Corino

T.I.M. retained the Prestige Championship by beating Cyrus The Destroyer

World Tag Team Champions, The Extreme Horsemen w/ Brittany Marie, defeated Exotic Youth

In a controversial finish, Brad Attitude made Caprice Coleman say "I Quit" to become the new AML Wrestling Champion.

Immediately following the title match, T.I.M. traded in his Prestige Championship for a title shot. Coleman interferred causing the referee to call for a DQ. Attitude retained.

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