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Results from Battle Scars

6/29/22, 1:54 PM


Day After Hero Image.png

Here are results from AML Wrestling’s presentation of BATTLE SCARS, held Sunday, June 26, 2022 at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

- Officials for the event: Mike Ramsey, Daylon Kingsley, Benny Littreal, and James Hunter

- Official attendance: 225

- Ring announcer Perry Thompson welcomed the fans in attendance then introduced Haley Ray, with the two sharing ring-announcing duties during the event.

Zuka King def. "The Wayward Son" Axton Ray   

Official - Ramsey

Despite exclaiming to the crowd prior to the match that he never cheats, King scored the pin fall after knocking out Ray with a loaded fist while the referee was distracted.

Future Stars Showcase Match

“Dreadlock Demolition Machine” Bojack def. “Dive Bomb” Diego Hill

Official - Hunter

Bojack was able to overcome having suffered a split lip and being knocked unconscious due to a kick from Hill.

"Ace God" Arik Royal def. “The Infinite Man” T.I.M.

Official - Littreal

T.I.M. appeared to have Royal set up for a finishing maneuver but just as he began to climb the turnbuckles Caprice Coleman’s entrance theme began to play in the arena. This proved to be enough of a distraction for Royal to counter T.I.M.’s momentum and steal the victory.

Beer City Bruiser def. "Sultan of Stank" White Mike 

Official - Ramsey

AML Prestige Championship Match

"The Latin Lover" Gustavo (C) def. "Starboy" BK Westbrook

Official – Hunter

AML Championship Match

"The One Star" Brad Attitude (C) def. Dirty Dango

Official – Littreal

8-Man Bunkhouse Match

“The Last Bastion of Professional Wrestling” Colby Corino, “The Southern Savior” John Skyler, and The Dawsons (Zane & Dave Dawson) def. George South, Jr., George South, Sr., and The Extreme Horsemen (“Pain Train” Preston Quinn & “The Rottweiler” CW Anderson)

Post-match, Corino and Skyler attempted to retreat to the locker room only to be brought back out into the arena by Quinn and Anderson. Quinn delivered a heated series of remarks to Corino and Skyler, who have claimed to have ownership of the “Extreme Horsemen” name.

Next event: CYN vs. AML Wrestling: Awakening (July 31, 2022; Goldsboro, NC)

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