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Results from Acts of War Games 2

1/22/23, 6:07 PM


Day After Hero Image.png

Axton Ray def. BK Westbrook

TDT def. Lucky Ali

Julia Hart def. Clara

Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Beer City Bruiser

Bojack def. Billy Brash and Lee Johnson

White Mike, Gustavo, George South, and the Extreme Horsemen def. Brad Attitude, Zuka King, Arik Royal, and The Dawson Brothers. 

During the match, The Dawsons walked out on their team, leaving Brad Attitude, Arik Royal, and Zuka King outnumbered. George South won the match for his team after Zuka King submitted to a barbed wire claw. 

After the match, BK Westbrook ran down with a lock and chain to join Brad Attitude and Arik Royal, who then locked themselves inside the cage with AML Wrestling Champion White Mike. The three carried out a brutal assault on the Champ until the cage was finally opened by officials. CW Anderson and George South came to the rescue, with CW attacking the trio with a kendo stick until they eventually escaped. Security immediately escorted both Attitude and Westbrook out of the venue with no further incident.

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