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Corino, Skyler to Square Off in an Empty Arena Match

2/28/23, 8:25 PM


Day After Hero Image.png

After Colby Corino and John Skyler challenged and lost to the Extreme Horsemen at The Day After in November, Skyler turned on his partner, attacking him with a chain and hanging him from the top rope for several moments. The vicious assault resulted in a 60 day suspension from AML Wrestling.

Upon his return at Rise to the Top, Skyler continued right where he left off, attacking Gustavo, a referee, and AML Training Center students, all while calling out Colby Corino.

Now, after issuing a challenge for Colby to fight him anytime, anywhere, John Skyler has received his answer: the two will meet in an Empty Arena Match THIS Friday, March 3rd. The match will be broadcast LIVE on AML Wrestling's Facebook page and YouTube channel at 2:00pm EST. Don't miss this one!

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